Nikki Haley Unveils BLUEPRINT – It’s About Trump!

( – Although presidential candidate Nikki Haley is still way behind former President Donald Trump in the latest 2024 Republican primary poles, she plans to overtake him over the next year to attain the GOP nomination.

In early February, the former South Carolina governor and former UN ambassador under Trump’s administration officially launched her presidential campaign and remains the only major candidate to enter the race against Trump. Upon her announcement, she stated that the White House needs “a new generation of leaders,” subtly taking a shot at both Trump and Biden for their age.

While on the campaign trail, Haley was asked at a town hall event in New Hampshire on Tuesday how she plans on beating Trump, who is still the clear front-runner for the GOP nomination according to the polls. Haley responded that when looking at the situation, “President Trump has 25% of Republicans,” who are “a hard 25 percent… Trump or no one” voter base. The other 75% of Republicans “are looking for a place to be,” Haley said.

Since launching her campaign six weeks ago, Haley has organized ten town halls in the states of New Hampshire, Iowa, and her home state of South Carolina, which are the first three states voting in the Republican nominating calendar in 2024. She said she will “keep coming back” to these states, joking that they will “get tired” of seeing her but that she wants voters to tell their friends and family to come to the town halls so she can “earn their support.”

Haley said she’s “not going to focus on doing big rallies,” seemingly taking a jab at Trump without naming him, stating that candidates “have to go and answer the hard questions… face-to-face” rather than merely “fly in and fly out.”

A smaller-scale candidate-to-voter campaign style, also known as retail politicking, has been the usual approach to winning states like New Hampshire and Iowa, although Trump changed the game in 2016 by hosting massive rallies, rarely making small stops to speak directly with voters at small businesses like restaurants and coffee shops or town hall venues.

This small-scale approach is what Haley plans on bringing back to try and win these states. She also recently announced she will be visiting the U.S.-Mexico border next week, making her the first candidate to do so.

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