Nikki Haley Dodges Controversial Question About Gender

( – During a recent two hall, former South Carolina governor and current GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley dodged a question about whether or not a man could become a woman, responding instead that she believes adults should be allowed to undergo transgender surgeries.

The event was originally planned to take place in person in Dubuque, Iowa, on Sunday, Jan. 14, but it was held as a teleconference instead due to an active blizzard. Haley, who also served under former President Donald Trump as a United Nations ambassador, was questioned by an Iowa voter during the town hall about whether or not Haley thinks men could become women. Haley appeared to evade answering the question about transgenderism directly.

According to an audio clip obtained by reporters, Haley replied to the voter and said that people should not be allowed to “permanently change their body until they’re 18.” Once they are legal adults, she said the government should “make sure people can live any way they want” and that she doesn’t think the government should “control… anybody’s life.” The presidential candidate reiterated that people “should be free to live” how they want to and that neither the government nor anyone else should stand in their way.

The former UN ambassador continued, stating that she thinks one must always “believe in freedom and allowing people to live their lives however they choose to, which government shouldn’t have “any say” in. She also reiterated that she strongly believes minors shouldn’t be allowed to legally proceed with undergoing transgender surgeries, noting that our society has such an age limit on tattoos.

Although her answer may have satisfied some, it struck others as a fence-sitting position, as Haley did not actually answer the question about men becoming women. Never Back Down, a super PAC gunning for one of her GOP opponents in the presidential race, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, highlighted Haley’s comments on Twitter. The PAC posted the audio clip and pointed out that she “dodged the question.”

Haley’s response came ahead of the first Republican nomination contest, the Iowa caucuses, in which Haley placed third at 19.1%. DeSantis placed just ahead of her in second place at 21.2%, and Trump dominated the contest with a whopping 51%.

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