Nikki Haley Calls Him “WEAK” – She Wasn’t Kidding!

( – Following Russia’s announcement that they would suspend the New START nuclear arms treaty, Nikki Haley blasts President Joe Biden as “weak.”

The day after Biden’s visit to Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that he is “suspending [Russia’s] participation in the strategic offensive arms treaty.”

The New START treaty limits the number of nuclear warheads each country is permitted to have in its arsenal and was formed under the Obama administration when Biden was still vice president and signed in April 2010.

Regarding the suspension itself, Haley said on Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus show that “this is not new” and that Russia has “violated this agreement” for a long time. She went on to point out that the real danger “is that we have a weak President our enemies think they can intimidate.”

Haley announced her run for the White House last week, becoming the first major competitor with former President Donald Trump, who was also her former boss when she served in his cabinet as UN Ambassador.

One of Haley’s selling points as to why voters should consider her is the fact that she’s almost 30 years younger than both Biden and Trump, claiming the White House needs “a new generation of leadership.” Her comments have received criticism from Don Lemon, who said Haley was “past her prime,” as well as “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

During her Tuesday appearance on “The Faulkner Focus” to discuss Russia and China, Haley also addressed these criticisms as well as criticism from Daily Beast Contributor Wajahat Ali, who accused Haley of using her dark skin to cover “white supremacist” talking points.

Haley responded by saying her critics know she’s the “biggest threat that liberals have ever seen” and “they’re scared about it. “You wanna tell me I’m past my prime? Hold my beer and watch this,” she stated. “Because I’m telling you,” she continued, “where we are going to take America is going to change all of that. They know how hard I’ll work, and they know how tough I am. Bring it. We’re ready.”

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