Newsom Complains About Immigration He Supported

( – California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has said that border crossers and illegal aliens are a “burden” on his state. Speaking to ABC News on December 12th, Newsom said California will “break” with the expiration of the Trump-era Title 42 that allows for the expulsion of illegal immigrants to be expedited on public health grounds.

Newsom said the US Government is sending more and more migrants to California because they are so well taken care of there, but he now appears to concede that the state can’t afford anymore. “We’re already at full capacity at nine of our [migrant] sites. We can’t continue to fund all of these sites because of the budgetary pressures now being placed on this state,” he said.

His comments may come as a surprise to many, given his previous support for illegal immigration. Back in 2007, Newsom confirmed the “sanctuary city” status of San Francisco and said he would do all he could to oppose federal authorities conducting immigration raids.

His open-border rhetoric continued right into 2022. In July, the Golden State became the first to guarantee free healthcare to all immigrants, regardless of their status. A few months later, in September, Newsom signed a bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a state ID. “We’re a state of refuge,” he said at the time.

The end of Title 42 is expected to vastly increase the number of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the US, and the Biden administration has requested billions of dollars of additional funding to deal with it. Figures for the year so far estimate more than 2.5 million people have been encountered at the southern border, and this is now likely to grow. California can therefore anticipate the arrival of even greater numbers. For those who have unquestionably supported mass immigration, the chickens may finally be coming home to roost.

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