News OWNER Issues Warning – “It Can Happen To You…”

( – The founder of Rebel News in Canada, Ezra Levant, has warned that what has happened there could happen in America too. He said that Canada’s loss of freedom could easily be replicated in the United States, particularly given the political direction of the country under the Biden Democrats. “I’m not saying it’s all lost, but we’re going in the wrong direction, and if it can happen to Canada — which used to be just as free as you — it can happen to you,” he said.

Levant specifically addressed the unprecedented use of legislation by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to crush peaceful protests. He also warned that the Constitution won’t protect Americans from similar government overreach because, without adherence, it amounts to mere words on a page. 

In early 2022, Canadian truck drivers staged a protest against requirements that they quarantine when crossing into Canada from the US. They formed convoys in various provinces before staging a rally in Ottawa. The truckers had the support of huge numbers of Canadians but were roundly denounced by Trudeau, who referred to them as “racists” and “misogynists” and, aided by the mainstream media, even accused them of exhibiting Nazi symbolism. 

Three weeks after the protests began, Justin Trudeau invoked legislation never before utilized in Canada to bring them to an end. Ezra Levant, who reported on the demonstrations, said that police “stomped on these peaceful protesters. They beat people up.” He said it was the worst time he can ever remember in Canada. Alarmingly, it was endorsed by the government of the United States. US Secretaries of State put pressure on Trudeau to crack down and prevent Canadians from exercising their democratic rights. 

A recent report by the Canadian Public Order Emergency Commission found that Trudeau’s behavior was justified. Justice Paul Rouleau, who led an investigation into the use of the 1988 Emergencies Act, called Trudeau’s action a drastic move but not a dictatorial one. He said the government’s actions were appropriate and effective. 

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