New York Shoplifting Forces Retailers To Lock Up Everything

( – As the old axiom goes: desperate times call for desperate measures. Shoplifting is getting so bad in New York City that some stores are resorting to new measures to mitigate the situation, such as special lids on ice cream cartons to make them less desirable to steal.

One Upper West Side supermarket, Fairway, is resorting to locking ice cream carton tops with a special plastic lid that can only be taken off at the register with a specific device.

Some shops have padlocked their entire freezers, such as a Duane Reade on 53rd Street and another on 71st Street. One employee said that shoplifters used to come in “with garbage bags,” fill them up with ice cream, “clear out our freezers,” and then run away with the loot.

The supermarket Fairway put a sign up explaining to customers that the protective locks were placed on ice cream to “maintain the lowest possible cost,” informing them that the lids will be removed at the register, and apologizing for the inconvenience. In March, the store also announced that they would begin using facial recognition technology in order to crack down on shoplifters.

Shoplifting is only one of the worries that law-abiding citizens have to deal with, often by taking matters into their own hands. On the J train in Brooklyn last week, a man stabbed another man in self-defense after being attacked. And in May, Jordan Neely, a mentally ill homeless man who was threatening straphangers on an F Train, died after being put in a chokehold by another passenger, Daniel Penny, to subdue him.

Not to mention the migrant crisis, which is pushing the city to the brink and placing great strain on its resources. Mayor Eric Adams, who seems to be running out of ideas on how to deal with the situation, is dropping in popularity according to recent polls, as he continues to plead with the federal government to assist the Big Apple with the crisis.

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