New York City Orders TRANSFERS – They’re Fed Up!

( – On Sunday night on 57th Street, a scuffle erupted in front of the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, as dozens of migrants refused to leave the hotel and poured into the street to block buses transporting them to a new location in Brooklyn.

For the last few months, the Watson Hotel housed exclusively single men migrants. The concentration of so many in the neighborhood also caused some locals, especially women, to worry about their safety as well as about the sanitation of the neighborhood, which is noticeably covered with more trash, old masks, cardboard boxes, and cigarette butts.

According to a representative of Mayor Eric Adams, a new shelter for these men was opened at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, it was ordered that the men be relocated there, and the Watson Hotel was going to be used to house migrant families instead of only single men.

A few migrants were moved to the new shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal over the weekend, yet decided to return to the hotel in Manhattan instead. When more boarded the buses on Sunday, a large group of others resisting the transfer (accompanied by a few activists) tried to block the bus from leaving. When the brief scuffle ended, they ran back toward the hotel entrance to hold their ground. The commotion attracted the police who arrived at the scene around 6 PM.

According to the New York Post, a member of a mutual aid coalition assisting the migrants said the migrants don’t feel the new shelter is livable, and that because the hotel won’t let them in “they’re planning to sleep here [outside].”

Since last spring, over 42,000 migrants have arrived in New York City, according to Fabien Levy, a spokesperson from City Hall, who also stated that “we continue to surpass our moral obligations as we provide asylum seekers with shelter, food, health care, education, and a host of other services.”

Adams, taking lots of criticism for the situation in NYC, recently visited the border in El Paso, Texas. After his experience there, even he was forced to admit the situation was a “national crisis” and also spoke about how migrants are being given a false impression that they will all be taken care of if they come to NYC. Adams said the shelters have no more room, and the situation is putting stress on the city’s resources.

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