New Trump Trial Evidence to Be Unsealed

( – New evidence related to Donald Trump’s classified documents case will be unsealed. The files will, however, contain several redacted passages and conceal the identity of multiple parties, against the wishes of Donald Trump. Prosecutor Jack Smith argued that parties should not be identified because of what he called widespread intimidation by Trump supporters.

In April, court documents revealed that the former President held classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida and his home in New Jersey. The content of the documents was not publicized.

While it was known that Trump kept copies at his Florida property, the location of the s site was kept under wraps until Trump’s lawyers provided proposed jury instructions to Judge Aileen Cannon, who was overseeing the case.

The identification of the second site corresponds with testimony from Brian Butler, Mr. Trump’s former valet. Mr. Butler said he had helped load boxes of records onto a private plane bound for Trump’s Bedminster estate in New Jersey in 2022. Mr. Butler is expected to testify against the former President in his upcoming Florida trial.

The newly published files also include an accusation by Special Counsel Jack Smith that Trump attempted to obstruct the case and its investigation. The new documents follow previous efforts by prosecutors to compel testimony from Trump’s lawyer, Evan Corcoran, regarding instructions Mr. Trump allegedly gave to his staff to remove boxes from a basement room at Mar-a-Lago without being filmed.

The unsealed documents reveal that Mr. Corcoran informed Trump of a subpoena for video footage from his estate in June 2022, and this alerted the former President not only that boxes should be moved but this must be carried out away from the gaze of security cameras.

Prosecutors allege that Donald Trump kept classified papers at his properties after leaving the White House and refused to return these despite several requests. He pleaded not guilty on 37 separate criminal charges in 2023.

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