New GENDER Law – It’s Finally Here!

( – Alabama is the latest state to ban transgender male athletes from competing in women’s sports. Governor Kay Ivey signed the legislation on May 30th. It applies to college competitions in the Yellowhammer State. Lawmakers imposed the same rules on school sports in 2021.

Republican Rep. Susan DuBose, who sponsored the bill, said, “Forcing women to compete against biological men would reverse decades of progress that women have made for equal opportunity in athletics.” She added that hormone therapy cannot undo males’ advantages over females in physical contests.

Carmarion D. Anderson-Harvey, of the Human Rights Campaign, said Alabama had become a hostile place for “LGBTQ+” individuals, and this latest legislation is part of a broader, America-wide, attack on transgendered people.

The transgender debate has swept the US and is deeply entrenched in the so-called “culture wars.” Trans individuals, and organizations that claim to represent them, say Republicans and conservatives are trying to “eradicate” trans people. That was the claim of TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney when Donald Trump made the issue part of his 2024 Presidential campaign.

Women’s groups, however, say trans activists are placing them in danger by advocating for all males to have access to private female spaces, such as dressing rooms and restrooms. Furthermore, female athletes are denied opportunities as they lose out to males with much larger physiques. 

For example, Riley Gaines, the college swimmer who lost to William Thomas, complained about the unfairness of women competing against men and was subjected to a violent attack after a speech at the University of San Francisco. The University later apologized to the trans activists who attacked Ms. Gaines.

When a transgender individual, Audrey Hale, shot and killed six people in a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, in March, militant trans campaigners said the killings were the inevitable result of “transphobia.” A group called the Trans Resistance Network responded to the murders by saying Hale faced an “avalanche of anti-trans legislation” before adding “Hate has consequences.”

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