New FRONTRUNNER – Shocking Poll Released!

New Poll Shows Dr. Oz as Senate Frontrunner

( – Polling represents an important bellwether ahead of elections in a free society because it shows how well non-governmental agencies can gather information about the public’s desires and preferences; that’s how pollster Pew Research sees the industry. As Americans ready themselves to vote in the midterms, a new poll shows Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz as the frontrunner for the Pennsylvania Senate seat.

The survey, conducted the second week of October by market research firm Wick, shows Dr. Oz leading his opponent by a 4.5% margin, a notable increase from other polls. Dr. Oz is facing off against Democratic contender and current Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman for the position Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) is vacating.

This Survey Marks a Turn of Events

The Wick poll marks a substantial turn in poll numbers because it shows Dr. Oz leading Fetterman by a significant margin compared with other surveys. The market firm surveyed 1,013 Pennsylvanian voters from October 9 to 13 and carries a 3.1% margin of error. By comparison, the Real Clear Politics Average of Polls showed Fetterman leading Oz by 2.2 points on October 24, which the site projects as a toss-up.

An Insider Advantage-Fox 29 poll from October 19 showed the two contenders tied in a dead heat at 46% each, while a Rasmussen Reports survey gave Fetterman a 2-point lead in a poll taken October 19 and 20 with a 3% margin of error. Pollsters FiveThirtyEight showed Fetterman with a 2.6% lead as of October 24, essentially a tie with the margin of error.

While most surveyors reflect the race as neck and neck, Wick gives Conservatives some additional margin for hope. All polls have shown Oz rallying over the last six weeks and gaining crucial margins as undecided voters make decisions.

How Has Oz Made His Comeback?

A recent POLITICO article noted how Oz had drastically improved his public approval rating since June. Tony Fabrizio, a founder of the GOP polling company Fabrizio Ward, noted Dr. Oz would have the most opportunity with independent and undecided voters. Matt Towery, chairman of Insider Advantage, told Fox 29 that the former talk show host was shrinking Fetterman’s previous lead by appealing to independent voters.

Additionally, Towery mentioned Oz attracted other voting blocs not typically associated with the GOP. Specifically, he said the heart surgeon was picking up “an unusually high 14% of the African American vote” in addition to Hispanic and Asian votes.

Some voters may also harbor concerns over Fetterman’s health or ability to perform the duties of the Senate office because the Democratic candidate suffered a stroke in May. According to neurologists consulted by The Washington Post (WaPo), the candidate has made a good recovery but still deals with deficits affecting his auditory processing and speech.

The Democrat currently uses a closed-caption system to assist him with the limitation. None of the doctors consulted by WaPo are treating the politician, and none would speak conclusively, but all agreed he might recover to a point where he would no longer need the closed-caption assistance device. Yet, they couldn’t say how long that might take.

Surveys after the debate on October 25 will likely provide more insight. Still, voters will make their voices heard in the ultimate poll on Tuesday, November 8.

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