New Evidence: Hunter Biden Is SCREWED

( – New evidence shows Hunter Biden was at his father’s Wilmington, Delaware, home on the same day he sent a text message closing a deal with a Chinese business associate.

Four photographs which were on Hunter Biden’s laptop show both Hunter and Joe Biden pictured with family members in front of Joe Biden’s 1967 Corvette Stingray.

with the timestamp of 6:49 p.m. on July 30, 2017. The classified documents discovered in President Joe Biden’s possession were found in the garage next to the same Corvette.

The photos were taken the same day Hunter sent WhatsApp messages to Henry Zhao, the director of Harvest Fund Management, saying that he was “sitting here with my father” and that the duo was wondering “why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.” In the message Hunter says he will make sure “that between the man sitting next to me” as well as everyone that his father knows will know of the decision and that Zhao will “regret not following my direction.”

The full transcript of the messages was released June 22 by the House Ways and Means Committee as part of the release of the testimony of the two IRS whistleblowers.

IRS investigators had been looking into the finances of Hunter Biden and obtained the WhatsApp message from iCloud as part of an August 2020 search warrant. According to a second whistleblower, Hunter Biden’s firm Owasco P.C. paid $100,000 to Zhao, who is an official with the Chinese Communist Party. Hunter Biden’s and Zhao’s relationship began in May 2014, when Joe Biden was vice president.

The whistleblowers said they had made a recommendation for more charges for Hunter Biden; however, the Biden administration had pushed back on the idea.

The WhatsApp messages as well as the four photos cast doubt on Joe Biden’s claim that he never spoke with Hunter about his overseas business dealings.

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