National Focus Debate: Climate vs. LETHAL Drugs

( – Republican Senator Marco Rubio said the Biden administration is prioritizing climate change over tackling lethal drugs that kill thousands of Americans every year. In an article for Newsweek, he said the government refuses to take action against China, which he asserts is directly involved in producing the killer narcotics. Rubio added that the White House believes a climate deal with Beijing “is worth withholding sanctions on Chinese drug dealers.”

The Senator described several drugs, manufactured by cartels using chemicals from China, including Fentanyl and Xylazine. Both are synthetic opioids that mimic the effects of heroin but are far more potent. Fentanyl is behind an overdose epidemic across the United States and the animal tranquilizer Xylazine has now been added to it, making it even more toxic. Furthermore, Xylazine does not respond to drugs ordinarily used to override the effects of opioids and prevent death from overdose.

Senator Rubio calls for sanctions against China for its part in the crisis, while Chinese officials have said the problem is “made in America.”

Meanwhile, fellow GOP Congressman Rep. Randy Feenstra is proposing to seize the assets of drug cartels south of the border and use the funds to build a wall to keep them out. Feenstra has called for the creation of special funds to tackle the growing drug emergency and said, “Criminal drug traffickers have smuggled enough Fentanyl into our country to kill every man, woman, and child in the United States. We must fight fire with fire to protect our families.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas hinted in the past that China does bear some responsibility for the crisis but added that America needs China’s help and is not best served taking a confrontational approach. By contrast, Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis said he will use deadly force to end the trafficking of Fentanyl and other lethal concoctions across America’s border. The Floridian Governor said those who try to smuggle drugs into the United States will end up “stone-cold dead.”

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