Activists Blame Nashville Shooting On Hate

( – A group of transgender activists has said the Nashville school shooting on “anti-trans hate” and said such hate “has consequences.”

The Trans Resistance Network said the killer had “had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others.” Audrey Hale, who identifies as a male, shot and killed three children and three staff members at a private Christian school in Nashville on March 27th.

Video footage shows Hale entering the facility by smashing the glass on its front doors. She was carrying two assault rifles and a handgun. 

Left-wing commentators and the mainstream media have echoed the Trans Network’s sentiments and blamed anti-trans legislation for prompting the murders. 

The shooting occurred days after a British activist was attacked in New Zealand for campaigning for women-only dressing rooms and restrooms, and for men to be excluded from female sports. Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull was surrounded by a large mob while police remained absent for several minutes. 

In Minnesota last year, activists hurled eggs at people lining up to see comedian Dave Chapelle, and in 2021, Antifa clashed with protestors at a Wi Spa in Los Angeles – leftists reportedly threw objects including water bottles at people gathered to complain that a man had been allowed to expose himself in the female dressing room.

A study carried out in 2022 found that trans activists are among the most radical, and most violent, of leftist groups. 

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