Musk Downplays Hunter Biden’s Verdict

( – Following the guilty verdict handed down to Hunter Biden, everyone is weighing in on the development, including billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, who seemed to downplay the outcome.

On Tuesday, June 11, a 12-person jury in Delaware found Hunter Biden guilty on three felony counts for purchasing and owning a firearm while knowingly addicted to narcotics. One juror told reporters after the verdict was delivered that Hunter Biden “knew what he was doing” when he lied on the forms during the purchase of a firearm while knowingly addicted to crack cocaine.

Musk responded to the news on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, until Musk rebranded it after purchasing the platform in 2022. His response came in the form of a reply to Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky’s response to the verdict.

Massie said that even though the president’s son may “deserve to be in jail for something,” that “purchasing a gun” was “not it.” Massie noted that millions of marijuana users in the US own guns and that he doesn’t believe any of them “should be in jail” for buying and owning those guns “against current laws.”

Musk chimed in and wrote that he agrees with Massie and that what Hunter Biden and others “should be in jail for” is “impugning the integrity” of the US by accepting “bribes for political favors,” but not for gun charges, which Musk called a “pseudo-crime.”

Hunter Biden, appearing to show little emotion during the verdict hearing, hugged his wife and shook his lawyers’ hands after the conviction. He made a statement to reporters afterward and said that although “disappointed” by the trial’s outcome, he was “more grateful” for his family and friends and their “love and support” throughout his addiction recovery.

Although his defense team did not dispute Hunter Biden’s history of substance abuse, they maintained that their client did not consider himself at the time of the gun purchase to be an addict.

Prosecutors argued his addiction happened before, during, as well as after the gun was purchased. Among the evidence presented in court, prosecutors presented text messages from the day after the gun purchase showing Hunter Biden in contact with his drug dealer.

Many critics of the verdict who may dislike the president’s son for his corruption are also hardline Second Amendment supporters, such as Massie, and do not agree with stricter gun control laws.

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