Murder Charges UNVEILED For Anyone Linked To This Crime!

( – The Texas Senate has unanimously passed a bill to designate the sale of Fentanyl as poisoning and therefore opened the door for murder charges for dealers.

Senator Joan Huffman, who introduced the bill, said, “It’s a fact that fentanyl is flooding our borders. It is absolutely, without a doubt killing our citizens on a daily basis. And it’s time that we take a comprehensive approach to combat this.” Governor Greg Abbott expressed his delight at the passing of the legislation and wrote on Twitter that killing Texans with Fentanyl means facing a homicide charge. 

Abbott has blamed illegal immigrants for bringing the deadly drug to his state. He and other Republicans have said the alarming death rate is the fault of President Biden and his open border policies. The Drug Enforcement Agency has warned that a tiny amount of the drug can kill and it claims the lives of hundreds of Americans every day. Abbott has called for increased penalties for those importing it to the United States and said anyone caught bringing migrants across the border should receive also a 10-year prison sentence. 

The new legislation will increase the punishment for those found to be manufacturing or distributing Fentanyl and raised it to a third-degree felony. If someone dies from taking the drug, the distributor will be charged with a second-degree felony. 

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that mimics heroin but is said to be around 50 times more potent. It is manufactured mainly by cartels in South America using chemicals imported from China. There is debate about how it is crossing the border as Democrats claim it is unrelated to illegal migration but is instead smuggled through legal points of entry. Law enforcement officers have however disputed that claim and said the Democrats are downplaying the crisis. 

Border cities and law enforcement agencies seized enough of the drug in 2022 to kill the entire population of the United States. 

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