Multiple Arrests Made During Chaotic Protest for Jordan Neely!

( – Multiple protesters were arrested as demonstrations erupted in Manhattan on Monday over the death of Jordan Neely who died last week after being put in a chokehold on the subway in response to erratic behavior exhibited by Neely.

The protests happened outside of the station where Neely died, on Broadway and Lafayette. 

According to law enforcement, the demonstration began as a vigil around 7 PM and before it became chaotic when protesters began to struggle with the large police presence, leading to multiple arrests. One of those arrested was Stephanie Keith, a freelance photographer documenting the event.

The man accused of killing Neely is a 24-year-old veteran named Daniel Penny, who put Neely into a chokehold on the F train while two other passengers helped to restrain him after multiple witnesses reported Neely was shouting threats at straphangers and stated he was willing to go to jail.

According to the legal team of Penny, their client had no intentions of harming Neely and only wished to subdue him in self-defense after Neely began threatening him and other passengers on the train.

A medical examiner determined Neely’s death as a homicide. So far, there have been no charges against Penny, although the case is still being investigated. Meanwhile, Neely’s family put out a statement on Monday calling for Penny to be in jail.

Prior to Monday’s protest, 12 were arrested on Saturday after protesters went onto the subway tracks and held up a Q train. The New York Police Department is still pursuing about 6 more people who went onto the tracks that day.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who recently blasted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over her comments about Neely’s death, defended the actions of the police in response to the protesters.

With the city in economic decline, the migrant crisis worsening, and high crime rates still an issue residents have to contend with, the death of Neely and how most of the media seem to be portraying it only throws fuel onto the fire by adding increased racial tensions to the mix.

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