Military Families Impacted by Bidenomics Speak Out

( -More families of enlisted Americans are openly denouncing President Joe Biden’s economic policies after they’ve been left struggling to make ends meet.

A survey published on June 27th revealed a significant drop in the number of military families who are optimistic about their well-being. The 2021 survey revealed that 41% of respondents considered their family’s health “excellent” compared with just 27% of respondents this month. They consistently cited inflation, economic woes, and a poor quality of life as reasons for their pessimism.

Further, over half (55%) of those survived labeled their finances as either poor or very poor. 43% rated their well-being highly. A majority (60%) of both enlisted personnel and their relatives also reported low financial standing.

Most of the factors that respondents said contributed to their poor family health include childcare expenses, rent or mortgage rates, and moving. One military relative said the pay remains “mediocre” while the cost of living is very high.

Around 25% of respondents also said their pay was falling behind comparable jobs in the private sector. Low-ranking personnel have been hit especially hard after Biden opposed $24 billion in military raises despite spending several times more than that to aid Ukraine in its ongoing fight against Russia.

Inflation has hit a crippling 9% under the Biden administration, leaving both military and civilian families alike struggling to make ends meet. Biden has repeatedly focused on jobs numbers while ignoring the cost of living that has soared under his watch. Among military families, 80% of those surveyed are more stressed about their finances.

The survey also found that 62% of respondents would recommend others enlist in the military. That’s down from 74% in 2019 but still higher than the 57% reported in this month’s survey. Military recruiting efforts have been dismal in recent years as global tensions continue to soar.

One Pentagon spokesperson claimed that it “remains committed” to maintaining a strong military but said that responding to the survey and other reports like it would be “inappropriate.”

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