Mike Johnson Told He’s ‘Pathetic’

(ConservativeSense.com) – Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts says he thinks House Speaker Mike Johnson is “pathetic” for visiting the ongoing New York hush money trial against former President Donald Trump, a declaration the congressman made on the House floor.

McGovern’s remarks came in response to a move by Johnson and a group of other notable Republicans, who showed up on Tuesday, May 14, to Trump’s trial in Manhattan. During a break, the group spoke at a press conference and dismissed the charges against Trump and the trial as a “sham.”

Johnson and the others were, in a sense, speaking on behalf of the former president, who is currently under a gag order and very limited in what he can say. They criticized the judge and his family members, which Trump is specifically prohibited from doing, as well as the trial’s star witness, Michael Cohen, who testified during the previous day of the trial.

Later the same day, McGovern addressed the visit on the House floor during a hearing and accused Johnson of “acting as a prop” for Trump and trying to “rationalize” the alleged crimes committed by him. The congressman said “the American people deserve better” than a House Speaker who spends time “trying to influence [the] justice system” in New York City.

McGovern said the Speaker’s actions are “pathetic” at a time when the country has “real problems” that have to be dealt with. He accused Johnson of going to New York to try and “explain away” all of Trump’s problems and rationalize his alleged criminal activity. “Give me a break,” McGovern said.

The move by Johnson comes at a time when many of his own party members have also been unhappy with him, such as GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who unsuccessfully tried to oust him already, even against Trump’s wishes.

Trump faces 32 felony counts, to which he’s pleaded not guilty. The former president maintains that the legal attacks against him are a political “witch hunt” led by the Democratic Party in an attempt to prevent him from campaigning and returning to the White House.

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