Mike Johnson Compares Himself to Moses in House GOP’s ‘Red Sea Moment

(ConservativeSense.com) – Speaker of the House Mike Johnson delivered an unusual speech last week in which the lawmaker compared himself to the biblical character of Moses, who must lead the country through a “Red Sea moment.”

Last week, Johnson attended a gala hosted by the National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL), delivering a speech in which he leaned into his own religious convictions by drawing a connection between his current role in the government and the prophet Moses.

Johnson told a room full of Christian conservatives that a few weeks before he took up the gavel as Speaker of the House, “the Lord” impressed upon his heart “that something was going to occur” and told him while praying “to prepare” for a “Red Sea moment” in the Republican conference and “the country at large.” Johnson claims that God told him “very clearly to prepare and be ready.”

Johnson said he did not understand the message initially until his friend Kevin McCarthy was “deposed and vacated” from the Speaker chair, after which he realized that “this is what the Lord may have been preparing us for.”

Johnson says he began to pray more and that God began to wake him up during the night “through this three-week process” to “speak” to him to write down “plans, procedures, and ideas” to bring the Republican conference together. He clarified that he assumed “at the time” that God was choosing “a new Moses” and that he would “be Aaron to Moses.” After “13 failed bids” for the Speaker chair, Johnson said God told him to “step forward” as the new Moses rather than as Aaron, who Johnson said he originally thought he was “supposed to be.”

Before his speech, Johnson thanked the association’s leaders “for not allowing the media in,” claiming that they only wanted to attend to pick apart his comments “out of context.” The media have spent the last few weeks digging up anything about the new Speaker’s past and highlighting his controversial religious perspectives.

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