Migrants Are LEAVING The United States – Look Where They’re Headed!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Some migrants are opting for a continued journey north, as New Yorkers are covering bus tickets to Canada, according to the New York Post. Soldiers with the NY National Guard were giving out bus tickets to other locations at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown.

Raymond Pena is one of those migrants who is traveling with his family in search of a better life, when asked about relocating to Canada he said he was going “for a better quality of life for my family.” The National Guard confirmed they were sending migrants to others who could give them taxpayer-paid tickets to other U.S. cities or Canada. 

When they get to Canada they are arrested and processed at the border, word seems to be spreading among the migrants that Canada is preferable to the U.S. with Justin Trudeau announcing his country’s “proud and longstanding tradition of welcoming people seeking safety.” 

One Peruvian native, Susy Sanchez Solzarno, took her family up to Canada after they watched other migrants making the journey on TikTok. She told the New York Post that they came up from the southern border in early December and spent several weeks in a Queens Marriott before moving on. Speaking about the homelessness and drug problem in NYC she said that she sold snacks in the subways for 2 weeks so she could save up the money to travel to Canada. 

An NYC City Hall source additionally confirmed the details, adding that there were other charities involved in helping to relocate illegals who desire to continue their treks beyond the Big Apple. A spokesman for a Catholic charity organization confirmed their involvement, claiming they’ve aided thousands of illegal immigrants. Their help was restricted to relocating folks within the U.S. as many of them are seeking asylum and are awaiting the resolution of that process. 

The migrants who make the decision to enter Canada are shuttled by private bus companies and taxis. The trips from NYC to the northern border run $50 to $90, and make private bus companies are running multiple trips daily.

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