Mexico Offers Deal to Biden to Guard US Open Border

( – Mexico is offering to help America guard its border. Customs and Border Protection officials recently met with Mexican representatives in Ciudad Juárez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas, to discuss the ongoing crisis as thousands cross unlawfully into the United States. Mexico has agreed to deport migrants from its northern cities to their home countries and carry out negotiations with Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Colombia for the safe return of their citizens.

Customs and Border Protection’s Acting Commissioner Troy Miller spoke with the commissioner of Mexico’s National Migration Institute and several other officials and agreed to take action, including deportation and negotiation, and allow US agents to expel migrants through the Ciudad Juárez international bridge, which connects to El Paso. Mexican law enforcement agencies will work with Americans to patrol the border regions and increase security.

In exchange, 50,000 Mexicans will be permitted to settle in the US every month.

Mr. Miller said, “We are continuing to work closely with our partners in Mexico to increase security and address irregular migration along our shared border.”

The new arrangement is made as pressure grows on President Biden, who will undoubtedly prefer reducing numbers at the border as 2024 draws closer. Eye-watering numbers have not fallen, and records continue to be broken. Around 260,000 people crossed the border in August—a staggering 23 times more than during the Trump administration. Overall, 4.5 million people have entered the US unlawfully since Biden took office, amounting to nine migrants for every seven US births.

Also in August, more than 55,000 Mexicans arrived, 11 times more than when Trump was in the White House. The numbers coming from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are also at record highs, 21 times the amount that arrived under the Trump administration.

The Department of Defense announced last week it would send an extra 800 troops to the border, but despite the heavy presence of law enforcement and military officials already deployed, figures have not dropped.

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