McCarthy Set to Endorse Impeachment Inquiry

( – Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy dropped some bombshell news on Tuesday, announcing that he will endorse a House committee impeachment inquiry into the business dealings of President Joe Biden.

According to McCarthy, the House committee investigating the Biden family has discovered a “culture of corruption” surrounding them, particularly the president’s son, Hunter Biden. Outside his office on Capitol Hill, McCarthy said that “allegations of abuse of power,” “obstruction” of justice, and “corruption” from the Bidens “warrant further investigation” by Congress. He then announced that this is why he’s “directing our House committee” to pursue “a formal impeachment inquiry” into the president.

With a potential government shutdown looming, McCarthy is facing pressure from all sides. As the government runs out of money and the House Speaker tries to pass new funding legislation required to avoid a shutdown at the end of September, fellow Republicans are pushing him to take action against the president.

Ian Sams, a White House spokesman, accused McCarthy of caving “to the extreme, far-right members” of Congress who are “threatening to shut down the government” unless Biden is impeached. Top Democratic representative on the Oversight Committee, Jamie Raskin, called the decision “a transparent effort to boost” Trump and his campaign through “a false moral equivalency” between the former president and the current president. Raskin said there’s “zero evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever” on Biden’s part.

Although an impeachment inquiry is now on the table and McCarthy has outlined some potential charges, it’s only a step in the direction of full impeachment. The inquiry will provide more ammunition for the House investigation, including access to the financial records of the Biden family.

McCarthy said the committee “will go wherever the evidence” takes them, while the White House maintains that the president wasn’t involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

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