Mayorkas’ Dodging Act – Contempt Charges Loom Over Border Probe

( – The House Judiciary Committee is losing patience with Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who was warned by Chairman Jim Jordan on Tuesday that he may face “contempt of Congress” charges as a consequence of stonewalling basic questions about the border and more.

Two weeks prior to Jordan’s admonition, Mayorkas appeared before the committee on July 26 and ducked Republican lawmakers’ questions on a range of subjects, from Americans being murdered by illegal immigrants to terrorist suspects encountered at the border. Mayorkas was given notice of exactly what questions he would be asked at the hearing and asked that he show up with some answers.

Jordan and the chairman of the subcommittee on immigration, Rep. Tom McClintock, wrote to Mayorkas that his “knowing refusal to have answers” to their questions indicates “contempt” for the process of “constitutional oversight” and “disrespect for the American people.”

During the July 26 hearing, GOP Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz exploded at Mayorkas for “not answering any Republican questions” and asked the Homeland Security Secretary if he was doing so intentionally.

Even after “repeated attempts to ensure [Mayorkas’s] testimony would be informative and beneficial,” Jordan wrote in the letter, Mayorkas appeared at the hearing “unprepared,” as well as “unable or unwilling” to give them requested data about how the record number of illegal crossers who’ve been identified on terrorist watchlists are being handled beyond simply detaining them. The committee has been requesting this data since the end of April.

Republicans are now pondering if they should punish Mayorkas in some way for his lack of cooperation, floating suggestions like reducing his staff’s funding at Homeland Security, charging him with contempt of Congress, or even impeachment.

The migrant crisis continues to impact the entire country, with Texas taking the brunt of it. Even Democrat-run states like Massachusetts are feeling the impact, with the governor recently declaring a state of emergency.

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