Mayor Scrambles in Wake of White House BACKSTABBING

( – With Title 42 officially terminated, Mayor Eric Adams is moving quickly to lessen the impact on New York City, which is already overwhelmed by asylum seekers. His plan is to move hundreds of migrants out of the Big Apple and into hotels in Rockland and Orange Counties, New York, starting on Thursday.

This controversial move will bypass a sanctuary county in order to settle migrants into areas that have been resisting the plan to shelter them.

Rockland and Orange Counties have opposed Adams’ plan to send hundreds of asylum seekers to a hotel in Orangeburg called the Armoni Inn & Suites as well as one in Newburgh called The Crossroads, with some already arriving on Thursday. \

The strategy of sheltering migrants in hotels is one that Adams has been using throughout NYC, resulting in some issues a few months ago in Hell’s Kitchen when deciding to move single male migrants to Brooklyn in order to make room for families in the Watson Hotel.

The first busload of a few dozen migrants, all single males, arrived in Orange County on Thursday. A few supporters gathered outside the hotel to greet and welcome them, with one local legislator stating that they stand in “solidarity” with those seeking asylum. Meanwhile, a temporary restraining order was obtained from a New York Supreme Court on Tuesday to stay the plan in Rockland County. The judge argued that relocating the migrants was in violation of the county’s zoning regulations.

Adams stated that already over 61,000 migrants have been cared for by the city, including providing shelter and social services, which is pushing facilities to the brink and putting a strain on NYC resources. He reiterated that the federal government needs to step up, and also argued that the rest of New York state also needs to pitch in to take some of the burden off of its biggest city. 

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