Mayor CALLS OUT Biden – Says What We’re All Thinking!

( – The Mayor of East Palestine has lashed out angrily at President Biden for visiting Ukraine while ignoring the small Ohio town at the center of a train derailment crisis.

Trent Conaway said the President’s departure for Ukraine was a “slap in the face” and he is clearly more concerned about foreign countries than his own. He added that the President is giving millions of dollars away to countries overseas but has nothing to give to the people of Ohio.

Biden visited Ukraine on February 20th to promise unlimited support and resources. The United States has already given more than $100 billion to the war-torn country and has pledged to continue to fund its war against Russia. Republicans have begun to question the amount of money going abroad and have criticized the President for having more interest in Ukraine than America. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla) said, “When our border is in crisis, Joe Biden goes home to nap in Delaware. When Ohio burns with toxic chemicals, Biden’s admin says everything is fine.”

East Palestine, Ohio, is a town of just under 5,000 people and it is the site of a train derailment in early February. Nobody was killed but the crash resulted in chemical spills that have reportedly affected people and animals. The small town has an uncertain future as scientists are not entirely clear about the long-term effects of the chemicals or their interaction.  

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has blamed the Trump administration for its part in the accident and its aftermath. In 2018, the Department of Transportation under Trump withdrew a piece of legislation that required trains carrying chemicals or liquids to be fitted with electronically controlled pneumatic brakes. These are used on many passenger trains and reduce the time it takes for a train to stop after the brake is applied. Buttigieg said he would now work with Congress to improve rail safety nationwide. 

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