Mass ARRESTS At GOP Speaking Event – Here’s What Happened!

( – Left-wing activists were arrested at an event featuring conservative commentator Charlie Kirk in California on March 13th. Kirk, who founded the Turning Point USA organization, was speaking on the UC Davis campus when left-wingers attempted to disrupt his speech and vandalize university property.

In video footage, police and security officers can be seen trying to fend off the thugs who smashed windows and broke doors as they tried to gain access to the venue. The crowds were holding banners stating “Queers Bash Back,” and “bash fash,” as well as “protect trans kids.” Riot police eventually arrived and a stand-off with the Antifa hooligans ensued. 

Despite firm evidence of window-breaking and vandalism, a spokesperson for UC Davis said that two people had been arrested for “spray painting the outside of the building.” He said he did not know the identities of the two people and did not know what charges they would face. There was no mention of the broken windows or other damage to the venue. 

Prior to the event, UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May released a shocking video calling Mr. Kirk a “well-documented proponent of misinformation and hate,” and accused him of advocating violence against transgendered individuals. Mr. May’s language became ever more alarmist as the video continued and he lamented the fact that the University is forced to uphold the Constitution and allow freedom of speech. 

In response, Mr. Kirk released his own video and denied that he has ever encouraged violence against transgendered people or anyone else. He said he may sue the university for this slander. 

Antifa and other left-wing groups have built a fierce reputation for violently disrupting events they do not approve of. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in California. President Donald Trump had said he wanted to designate Antifa as a terrorist group but ran into legal difficulties when the Department of Justice warned against the move and said it risks breaching the First Amendment. 

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