Man Arrested For Breaking Into State Supreme Court

( – The New Year is off to an interesting start in Colorado after a man broke into the state’s Supreme Court building and opened fire before being detained by law enforcement.

At 1:11 AM on Tuesday, Jan. 2, the Denver Police Department responded to a call about a man breaking into the Ralph Carr Judicial Center. According to Denver 7-TV, the unidentified man opened fire at law enforcement officers yet did not strike any, and no one was reported injured. Police did not return fire. A small fire was also discovered in one of the building’s stairwells, which was extinguished by the sprinkler system.

The man who attacked the Colorado Supreme Court was eventually identified as 44-year-old Brandon Olsen.

Olsen reportedly left the scene of a car crash in the early morning hours, pointed a gun at the other driver with whom he collided, and then proceeded to shoot his way into the Supreme Court building, inflicting “extensive damage” to the property before police arrested him. According to authorities, there was no evidence the incident was related to or motivated by the recent decision of the Colorado Supreme Court to disqualify Trump from the state’s primary election ballot for the GOP nomination.

The ruling in Colorado sparked a great deal of backlash from supporters of the former president. Some who were angered by the decision went as far as to threaten the state justices who ruled in favor of banning Trump from the ballot in a 4-3 vote on Dec. 19. The threats led to coordinated efforts by state and federal law enforcement to launch an investigation.

Republican lawmakers have since appealed the decision, stalling Tr4mp’s removal from the ballot until a US Supreme Court ruling is made.

Maine recently followed Colorado’s lead and also banned Trump from their state ballot, which the former president will appeal. Other states also have pending requests to remove Trump. The argument justifying these decisions is based on the insurrection clause in the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution, implemented after the American Civil War to ban any members of the Confederacy from holding or running for public office.

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