Majority of Democrats Say Biden is Too Old to Serve Again

( – Democrats are beginning to lose trust in the current leader’s physical and mental ability to serve a second term, according to a recent bipartisan poll, which shows an increasing doubt about President Joe Biden.

The survey, conducted by the Wall Street Journal, came out on Monday and showed that about two-thirds of polled Democrats believe Biden isn’t fit to serve again. In total, 73% of registered voters polled believe the president is too old to run again for the White House.

President Biden is currently 80 years old—certainly no spring chicken. But Biden’s chief rival, former President Donald Trump, whom Biden defeated in 2020, is 77 years old, and 47% of respondents also felt he shouldn’t run again for the same reason.

Exactly 1,500 registered voters were surveyed. According to one of the Democratic pollsters who helped conduct the survey, the figures show that a great deal of “voters are looking for change,” with “neither of the leading candidates” providing what they’re looking for. A New York Times poll in early August indicated the same thing.

With 46% believing Trump is mentally fit to serve in office, as opposed to 36% for Biden, there’s still roughly a 10% gap between the two candidates, with Trump ahead in public confidence in his physical and mental fitness. Trump’s accomplishment record is strong, according to 51% of respondents, as opposed to 40% who said the same of Biden.

The survey also looked at the president’s handling of the economy, inflation, the border, foreign relations with China, and the Ukraine war, with 52–63% disapproving of Biden’s handling of all these matters while in office. A mere 28% feel the economy has improved throughout Biden’s first term so far, and nearly 58% believe it’s deteriorated. And yet, despite these numbers in favor of Trump’s health, Biden was seen by 48% of voters surveyed as “likable” and 45% as “honest,” while Trump came in at 31% and 38%.

Both President Biden (especially through his son Hunter Biden) and President Trump (who’s facing four indictments) are currently caught up in investigations and legal battles that will surely impact these numbers in future surveys depending on how all of that plays out.

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