MAJOR SETTLEMENT – Look Where It’s Going!

( – Johnny Depp received his settlement after winning his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard last year, and intends to donate $1 million to various charities.

The court battle between the two actors became a nationwide spectacle and the entire trial was broadcast to the public. Ultimately, Depp was able to prove to the judge that Heard’s accusations against him were unsubstantiated, misrepresented the dynamic of their relationship, and did damage to his career by defaming him.

The trial also revealed that Heard behaved abusively toward Depp, raising a conversation about situations where women abuse men rather than the other way around, and attempt to ruin their reputations through unsubstantiated accusations. Although much of the public sided with Depp, many also sided with Heard in the case, believing her claims that Depp physically and emotionally abused her.

Now that Heard’s insurance company paid Depp, he announced that he doesn’t have any intentions of keeping the money for himself and would prefer to donate it. Depp will split up the money from the settlement, donating $200,000 of it to various charities: The Painted Turtle, the Tetiaroa Society, the Amazonia Fund Alliance, Red Feather, and the Make-A-Film Foundation.

These donations will go toward providing housing for those in need, aiding sick children with serious medical illnesses, helping indigenous communities, and environmental preservation.

During the trial, Depp already hinted that he would not be keeping the money, expressing that his intention in suing Heard wasn’t financial compensation, but to restore his name and to resume his career.

Now that the trial is behind him, Depp is back to doing what he does best. At a recent film premier for “Jeanne Du Barry,” Depp’s first major role since the highly publicized lawsuit against Heard, the actor received a seven-minute standing ovation that brought tears to his eyes.

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