MAGA Rep Unleashes On Ex-Speaker Ryan Over Disloyalty

( – Republican Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas blasted fellow Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin for refusing to endorse former President Donald Trump, calling the Wisconsin congressman a “piece of garbage.”

Nehls appeared on CNN for an interview on Wednesday, June 12, and told anchor Manu Raju that he was fed up with Ryan, who he called “a piece of garbage.” Calling the congressman out directly on the air, he suggested that the Wisconsin representative should be kicked out of the Republican Party. Nehls told Raju that “guys like [Ryan]” are “the problem” within the party for not wanting to vote for Trump.

Speaking to Ryan directly, Nehls told him not to call himself a conservative while “spitting in the face” of the Republican Party’s leader, and to “grow up a little bit.”

Nehls was responding to remarks made by Ryan the day before on Tuesday, June 11, during a Fox News appearance on “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” During that appearance, Ryan explained why he planned not to support Trump in the upcoming election, noting that he did vote for Trump in 2016.

Ryan said that “character is a really important issue” to him and that he believes Trump put himself “above the constitution,” making him “unfit for office.” He cited the events of Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C., as “part of” the reason he changed his mind about the former president, although it was one of several factors. Ryan announced he would not be voting for Trump in May, and during his latest interview, he clarified that he would not be voting for President Joe Biden either.

Trump has dismissed Ryan as “a RINO.” At the same time, Ryan responded that he believes Trump is the one who isn’t a true Republican and said he would prefer to have a party “based on principles” rather than “personality or populism.”

Nehls and Ryan represent the current split within the GOP, and that Trump hasn’t been able to muster total unity within the party despite how dire all Republicans seem to agree the situation is as the country faces a potential second term for Biden.

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