Light Bulb Battle – Republicans SLAM Biden’s Ban

( – The Biden administration has banned incandescent lightbulbs. The bulbs are distinguished by their wire filament, which heats gradually. They are often used with dimming devices and produce a less harsh light than their LED counterparts. Because they are seen as less energy efficient than other bulbs, the White House has imposed a nationwide ban on their sale, along with similar halogen light bulbs. Consumer groups complain that LED lights are both inferior in quality and more expensive.

The Department of Energy (DOE) insists the ban will save upward of $3 billion per year in domestic energy bills, but Republicans dismiss the idea as government overreach and “liberal fantasy.” Rep. Pat Fallon (R-Texas) said the policy is “just another example of the Biden Administration’s tidal wave of regulatory burdens crashing down on American families.”

Kentucky GOP Rep. Andy Barr added, “President Biden continues to push liberal fantasies through his weaponized federal agencies.” Mr. Barr added that the Department of Energy’s time would be better spent pursuing energy independence for the United States.

The light ban is the latest in a string of policies that target household items in the name of climate change. The DOE has introduced new regulations to reduce the number of gas stoves in homes and businesses and has altered the standards for washing machines and refrigerators. The White House has also taken aim at water heaters.

In July, the Biden administration announced a regulatory proposal to drive cheap heaters out of the market, once again impacting the poorest people in America. The DOE said it intends to “accelerate” the deployment of electric pump water heaters, which it says are more energy efficient than the cheaper water appliances. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said, “This proposal reinforces the trajectory of consumer savings that forms the key pillar of Bidenomics.” She added that while the cost of the heaters will be higher, customers will recoup that cost with energy bill savings.

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