Liberal Mayors Begging Biden For Declaration of Emergency Due To Migrant Crisis

( – Left-wing mayors have called on President Biden to declare a state of emergency and tackle the growing migrant crisis. New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston held an online press conference asking for financial support and a federal “resettlement strategy.”

Chicago’s Brandon Johnson said, “Our cities have reached a point where we are either close to capacity or nearly out of room without significant intervention from the federal government.”

Mike Johnston called for the expedition of work permits for migrants and said the cost of accommodating illegal immigrants amounts to 10% of his city’s entire budget.

In New York, Eric Adams made significant cuts in public expenditure to fund the migrant crisis, leading to protests from the city’s residents. The New York Times reported that police numbers in the Big Apple would fall below 30,000 for the first time since the 1980s, and the education budget would plunge by $1 billion.

The Biden administration, however, defended its record and said it has already provided more than $1 billion in funding and has expedited work authorization.

A White House spokesperson said the President is “committed to addressing the problem” and would provide additional resources to law enforcement to help secure the border.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the President urged Congress to pass an aid package worth more than $110 billion, including support for Ukraine and Israel, but Republicans said they would only do so if the administration took action on the border crisis.

Before Christmas, Biden indicated that he was willing to compromise with GOP demands and consider tough changes to his migration strategy. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the president is determined to secure bipartisan agreement on immigration, but several Democrats immediately spoke out against potential new restrictions.

“It would be a dire mistake for the Democrats to accept Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies,” said Texan Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro.

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