Liberal DEPRESSION “Link” Found By Investigator!

( – Young liberals, particularly girls, are more depressed than their conservative counterparts, according to a left-leaning writer. Matthew Yglesias, a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion, said much of the blame can be placed on “poor behavior by adult progressives.” Yglesias referenced a study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in which 57% of high school girls said they felt sad or hopeless.

The study, conducted in 2021, revealed an increase of 58% in such feelings since 2011. More alarmingly, suicidal thoughts among female teenagers had increased by almost 60%. The CDC report stated, “Across almost all measures of substance use, experiences of violence, mental health, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors, female students are faring more poorly than male students.”

One cause suggested by an article in the Lancet Child & Adolescent Health magazine is exposure to social media. Teenage girls are prolific users of this technology, and it can lead to cyberbullying as well as feelings of inadequacy and loneliness. It also disrupts sleep. Yglesias however believes there is more to it and that politics has a major effect. 

He argues that progressive politics can be attractive to people with a negative outlook on life. The kind of fear that is propagated on the left side of the political divide will also inevitably have a profound impact on health and happiness. The climate change narrative tells young people that the planet is rapidly becoming uninhabitable. Young Americans are also told that their country is a hotbed of racial prejudice and discrimination that is built on the backs of slaves.

In short, young people are repeatedly told by the left wing that there is little in life to be joyous about. As a collectivist belief system, it also disempowers the individual causing a loss in self-esteem and self-worth.

It portrays the world as inherently wrong and dysfunctional, but this has less effect on conservatives who are more likely to brush off such warnings of doom and seek self-empowerment. 

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