Legal Group Sues Pentagon For Deleting Patriotic West Point Motto

( – A legal watchdog group based out of Washington, D.C., is pushing back against policies in the military based on so-called “woke” ideology by suing the Pentagon for removing the famous West Point motto from the US Military Academy’s mission statement.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) after West Point Academy refused to release information detailing the reasoning behind the decision to delete the motto back in March. The famous West Point motto reads, “Duty, Honor, County,” and was taken off the academy’s official mission statement.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, said that deleting the motto from West Point’s mission statement sparks “justified concern” about what the US Military Academy is teaching the “Army’s rising leadership” in light of what Fitton called “the woke virus infecting” the academy.

The full mission statement used to read that graduates are expected to commit to “the values of Duty, Honor, Country” while being prepared to serve the nation in the Army, but that phrase was cut out and it now says that cadets are expected to commit “to the Army Values” without listing those values through the motto.

The change was officially proposed by Superintendent Lt. Gen. Steven Gilland on Tuesday, March 12, a change he said “was developed over a year and a half” of discussion and which “better explains” West Point’s role. Gilland added that although “Duty, Honor, County” has been removed from the mission statement, the school will remain dedicated to those values.

The change angered conservatives who feel that the military is becoming too “politically correct” at the expense of focusing on merit and proper training. Changing West Point’s mission statement is only the latest in a series of alterations to the military over time, including efforts to punish troops who do not adhere to “preferred pronoun” policies and dismissing soldiers who refused to take an experimental vaccine before the mandate was repealed.

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