Leftists Facing EXTINCTION? Ultimate 2024 Promise!

(ConserativeSense.com) – Ron DeSantis said he will destroy leftism in America if he wins the race for the White House. The Floridian Governor said if he defeats Trump for the Republican nomination, he will serve two terms in the Oval Office and “leave woke ideology in the dustbin of history.”

DeSantis has been at war with “wokeness” and the political left since introducing the Parental Rights Education Act in 2022. This prevents teachers from discussing adult themes, such as gender identity, with young children. He has also introduced strict limits on abortion and loosened gun control. While these measures have made him popular in Florida, where he was re-elected last November with a convincing majority, some Republicans in the Sunshine State are perturbed by his “war on woke.”

Former State Senator Jeff Brandes said, “People are deeply frustrated. They are not spending any time on the right problems.” Many Republican lawmakers in Florida have refused to back DeSantis, and others publicly support the Governor’s main rival, Donald Trump.

DeSantis’ feud with Disney is a particular cause of concern for some. Fellow Republicans have criticized him for jeopardizing jobs by punishing a company that brings billions of dollars into Florida annually.

The entertainment giant announced in May that it was pulling the plug on a major project that would have created around 2,000 jobs in Orlando. The company has also filed a lawsuit against the Governor, alleging he has interfered with its First Amendment rights and enacted punitive measures because of its political views.

Polls place DeSantis neck and neck with President Biden, but he must defeat Donald Trump first. The former President has maintained a consistent lead over the Floridian since he declared his intention to run last year. That lead has extended in recent months as Trump’s scandals and legal battles cause his popularity to rise. A poll immediately after his interview with CNN in May showed his support had jumped to 61%, with DeSantis down to 18%.

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