Leftist Groups Attack Biden’s Immigration Policy

(ConservativeSense.com) – Left-wing groups have attacked the latest Biden administration immigration plans as “dangerous” and “cruel” despite increases in legal routes for migrants.

The new policies, announced just before the President’s first visit to the southern border, will allow 30,000 immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to enter the US every month. NumbersUSA, which campaigns for lower immigration, said the policy will only make matters worse and will do nothing to stem the flow of border crossers.

However, left-wing groups have linked the policy to racism and said it is similar to what Donald Trump would have done. Mary Meg McCarthy of the National Immigrant Justice Center said, “This administration continues on a dangerous path to replicate some of the worst aspects of the Trump administration’s assaults on the right to asylum. After campaigning on human decency, President Biden now makes clear that such decency is not extended to Black, Brown, and Indigenous people in need of protection at our borders.”

Biden has also been condemned by the American Civil Liberties Union and American Immigration Lawyers Association.

The President visited the border city of El Paso in early January. The city declared a state of emergency in December 2022 due to the huge numbers arriving. More than 1,600 had come to the city in a single day in December. Immediately prior to Biden’s visit, officials had removed 100s of migrants from the city streets, where they had been camped.

Migrants in El Paso have been linked to crime including car theft, drug trafficking, and gun threats, according to police there. Homeless shelters are said to be over capacity and unable to cope with the influx, resulting in local people seeing a reduction in available services. Left-wing groups have so far remained silent on the impact of mass migration on the well-being of Americans.

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