Lawyer Testifies In Biden Impeachment Inquiry

( – A top Hollywood lawyer has testified in the President Biden impeachment inquiry. Kevin Morris, a close friend of Hunter Biden, told Republican-led House committees that he had given around $5 million to the President’s son. Furthermore, he said he has visited the White House three times and pays some of Hunter Biden’s bills, including child support for his young daughter in Arkansas, which the Biden family largely ignores.

The 60-year-old attorney first met Hunter Biden at a Hollywood fundraiser for Joe Biden in 2019. Since then, Morris has paid off Hunter’s ex-wife and the mother of Navy Joan Roberts, the young child he fathered with Lunden Roberts in Arkansas. According to a readout of Morris’s Congressional testimony, the lawyer only gained access to the White House after he covered Hunter Biden’s expenses.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer later said it was unclear exactly what arrangements Hunter Biden agreed with Kevin Morris, but added that a pattern is emerging – Hunter Biden is paid, and then the payer gains access to President Biden and the White House.

Morris’s testimony comes as Hunter Biden finally agrees to give his own testimony in private. For months, the President’s son refused to speak to the impeachment investigation unless this took place in public. He said he did not trust Republican investigators to be honest about his testimony.

GOP lawmakers on the Oversight subsequently moved to hold the younger Biden in contempt but paused these proceedings to grant his attorneys more negotiating time.

Republicans launched the impeachment inquiry into President Biden in September, focusing primarily on Hunter Biden’s financial affairs. Republicans believe President Biden and his son profited from the sale of access to Biden senior while he was Vice President. Both the President and his son deny wrongdoing, and the White House has dismissed Republican allegations and the impeachment process as a political stunt.

President Biden accused the GOP of wasting time and resources.

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