Laura Ingraham CORNERS Lawmaker On Air

( – Last Thursday, Fox News’s Laura Ingraham called out Republican Congressman Mike Turner of Ohio and Don Bacon of Nebraska for voting with Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee to kill an amendment that would have removed funding for all DEI training from the Defense budget, Mediaite reported.

The amendment, introduced by Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, failed to pass the committee with 30 votes against and only 29 votes in favor. Both Rep. Turner and Rep. Bacon voted with the Democrats to kill the amendment.

During Thursday’s “Ingraham Angle,” Ingraham blasted the “woke” push in the federal government, including the Pentagon, and noted that Republicans on the Armed Services Committee had introduced two amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act that would target DEI programs in the military.

While the amendment to get rid of the Defense Department’s Chief Diversity Officer passed the committee, the amendment to eliminate all federal funding from the Defense Department’s DEI training failed thanks to Congressmen Turner and Bacon, Ingraham explained.

The Fox host then invited Congressman Gaetz on the program, telling him that her show reached out to both Rep. Bacon and Rep. Turner.

According to Ingraham, only Rep. Bacon’s office responded to the “Ingraham Angle” request for comment. Bacon’s office explained that an amendment to defund all diversity training was “unreasonable.”

According to the Nebraska Republican, military service members should be informed that sexual harassment and racism will not be “tolerated in our military.”

Ingraham told Gaetz that she thinks Rep. Bacon’s response was “weak.”

Gaetz argued that it has always been the standard in the military that racism and sexual harassment aren’t tolerated and the proposed amendment would not change that standard.

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