Large Number Of Military-Aged Males Are Crossing ‘Illegally’ Into U.S.


( – New footage from the southern border shows that many Middle Eastern men of military age have been entering the US illegally from Mexico.

Bill Melugin, a correspondent for Fox News, published a clip on Wednesday, May 23, which showed a large horde of military-aged men of Middle Eastern and Asian origin crossing the US-Mexico border. In his caption on the post, Melugin said that on-the-ground reporters “encountered groups of men” from these regions crossing into the US illegally around 2 AM at the border sector located in Jacumba, California.

Melugin said the group included Iranian, Pakistani, Chinese, Turkish, Indian, and Bengali nationals, and that “there were no Mexicans in the groups.” He also clarified that many of the men crossing are considered “special interest aliens,” which means “they come from countries with potential security concerns” that would technically mean they are “subject to additional vetting” from the US Department of Human Services (DHS).

Illegal aliens labeled as “special interest” hail from countries that have a substantial amount of radical Islamic activity and terrorism and are supposed to be subject to more rigorous vetting before being allowed in the US.

Melugin also noted that the location of the group of border crossers was “about an hour east of San Diego” and that the San Diego sector has become a number one spot “for illegal crossings at the southern border” over the last few weeks “for the first time since the 1990s.” The footage was shown on “Jesse Waters Primetime” on Wednesday night and Melugin noted how “very nonchalant” the illegal aliens were while breaking the law.

The Fox News correspondent also met with a local resident who has been collecting discarded fake passports and ID cards left behind or dropped by illegal immigrants crossing in the Jacumba sector. The veteran “has hundreds” of these documents from nations such as Afghanistan, China, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. Melugin told Waters that many of the passports or IDs were damaged, shredded, or burned as immigrants tried to cover their tracks.

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