KNOCKOUT Blow – Trump ROCKS UFC Event!

( – Former President Donald Trump made an appearance at UFC 290 last Saturday night in Las Vegas, and he certainly stole the show.

Ultimate Fighting Championship fans were taken by surprise when Trump showed up, emerging from the ground-level tunnel accompanied by Secret Service agents and UFC president Dana White. While heading toward the octagon, the former president shook hands with fans and spoke with a few people before being seated in the best seats.

In between fights, Trump was seen being greeted by many people who approached him for a few words and photo ops, including podcast host and fight commentator Joe Rogan.

After winning his middleweight division fight against Robert Whittaker with a knockout in the second round, South African fighter Dricus Du Plessis jumped over the octagon cage to shake the former president’s hand.

Not everyone was thrilled with Trump’s reception at the event.

Musician Jack White called out a list of celebrities for interacting with Trump at UFC 290, stating that “anybody who ‘normalizes’ or treats” Trump “with any level of respect” is “disgusting” in his book. He called Trump a “disgusting fascist,” as well as a “piece of s***,” a “con man,” and a “racist.” The White Stripes rocker then specifically named Guy Fieri, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, and Joe Rogan, all of whom he believes are “disgusting” for greeting the former president.

Although some may claim Trump’s presence at the event is simply public relations for his 2024 presidential campaign, it’s just business as usual for him. Trump has a long history in the fighting world.

While president, Trump attended UFC 244. In the past, he promoted boxing matches and has been photographed with Mike Tyson multiple times. Trump is also personal friends with UFC president Dana White, who was a guest speaker for Trump in 2020 at the Republican National Convention.

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