Judge Threatens Trump With Jail For Defying Gag Order

(ConservativeSense.com) – The New York judge overseeing the civil fraud case against Donald Trump and the Trump Organization lectured the former president’s defense team last Friday after a Truth Social post about the judge’s clerk was found on Trump’s presidential campaign website after the judge issued a partial gag order, CBS News reported.

Earlier this month, New York Judge Arthur Engoron imposed a limited gag order that barred the former president from posting on social media or publicly speaking about any member of the judge’s staff after Trump posted inflammatory comments about Engoron’s clerk on Truth Social.

While the Truth Social post was deleted, a screen capture of it was spotted by the left-leaning MeidasTouch new organization on an email sent out from the Trump campaign’s website.

Even after the offending post was removed by the Trump campaign last Thursday, Judge Engoron was still furious about the gag order being violated.

Friday morning, he berated Trump’s legal team, asking why he shouldn’t impose financial sanctions or even jail time against Trump for violating the gag order.

Defense attorney Christopher Kise apologized to the judge, saying the post’s appearance on the campaign email was “truly inadvertent” and blamed it on the “machinery” of the presidential campaign. Kise insisted that since the gag order, there have been no new Truth Social posts about the judge’s clerk or any other court employees.

Unmoved, Judge Engoron insisted that Donald Trump “is still responsible” for the machinery of his presidential campaign.

After the trial’s mid-morning break, Kise brought up the removed post again, saying it was only sent to an email list of around 25,810 people in the media, which is only a fraction of the people who visit the campaign website.

In an order issued Friday afternoon, Judge Engoron fined Trump $5,000 for the errant post, writing that in today’s “overheated climate,” such “incendiary untruths” can lead to “physical harm” and “worse.”

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