Journalist Shot After Mocking Surge In Rising Crime

( – Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger, who was shot dead in his home on October 2, frequently mocked warnings about escalating crime and advocated violence against right-wing opponents. Independent journalist and democracy advocate Andy Ngo has documented some of Mr. Kruger’s Twitter posts in which he called people idiots for warning of rising gun crime in Philadelphia.

Kruger sarcastically jeered people’s fear of violence and said shootings had fallen in his city; he described political opponents as “Nazis” and even advocated violence, saying, “Now that I’m not in government, I can finally say publicly that it is not wrong to punch Nazis.” He also tweeted his distaste for capitalism, labeling it “exploitative.”

Mr. Kruger died after being shot in the chest and abdomen seven times by an unknown assailant. He was attacked in his home but struggled to the street, where he collapsed and passed away. Police say there was no sign of forced entry at his apartment, so his door was either unlocked or he knew his killer.

The writer was well-known in the City of Brotherly Love and a frequent contributor to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Citizen, and LGBTQ Nation publications. He was a staunch advocate for LGBT rights and a left-wing activist who had previously worked as a city official. Kruger famously spent time living on the streets of Philadelphia and formerly struggled with a crystal meth addiction.

Writing frequently about his experiences as a homeless addict living with HIV, he kept a blog describing how he often took refuge in churches, which he felt had brought him close to God.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney spoke warmly of Mr. Kruger after his death and said, “Josh cared deeply about our city and its residents, which was evident both in his public service and his writing.”

Democrat Rep. Ben Waxman tweeted that he was devastated to hear of the death of a friend who had “made a huge contribution to our city.”

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