Journalist Claims Bit Tech Compels Reporters to Lie

( – The controversial independent journalist Andy Ngo has said that big social media companies compel journalists to lie in order to maintain a presence on their platforms. “What’s really disturbing to me about Twitter’s content moderation before the regime change is that journalists could be actually punished for reporting the truth,” he said at a conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ngo provided an example. He said that during the annual ‘trans day of remembrance’ we are told there is “genocide of trans people” in the United States driven by transphobia and white supremacy. But the data suggests that there are only a small number of homicides involving trans people and the majority of the murderers are black males. “That may be an inconvenient truth,” he said. He added that he had posted this inconvenient truth on Twitter and was told to remove it or face expulsion from the platform.

Ngo has risen to fame on the back of his wide-ranging coverage of the extreme left-wing group Antifa. In his book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, he wrote in detail about violent activists from the extreme left who yield great power in America and have the support of the mainstream press and politicians. He also describes how he has been physically attacked numerous times in the course of his work. The publication of his book drew protests at bookstores, with Antifa demanding copies be removed from shelves.

Born in Portland, Oregon to Vietnamese parents, Ngo reported from inside the so-called Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone in Seattle following the death of George Floyd in 2020. He stayed undercover in the zone for 5 days and said the crime there was rife. He described people openly carrying weapons and the destruction of homes and businesses. If people needed help, they would need to leave the zone and return to the US, he said.

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