Jordan Demands Mayorkas’ Files on Immigrants Facing Murder, Terror Charges

( – The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, has written to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, demanding he supply all files related to a group of illegal migrants suspected of serious criminal offenses. The 14 immigrants, according to the Committee’s letter, have been “charged with serious crimes, such as theft, brutal assault, murder, and terrorism-related charges.” However, Mayorkas’s department still has not provided the information first requested in May and then again in November.

“Your response without compulsory process has, to date, been woefully inadequate,” Mr. Jordan wrote. He also declared that Congress has the “broad and indispensable right” to oversee the administration of existing laws, and propose new laws on the basis of that information. Therefore, details on current migration are crucial if lawmakers are to enact reforms for the benefit of Americans, Jordan continued.

A DHS official told Fox News that producing the requested files is time-consuming as they run to many pages and often need to be redacted. The spokesperson said the DHS had forwarded what it could and will continue to follow up.

Meanwhile, records continue to be smashed on the southern border. In the first week of December, officials recorded the highest ever number for a single day – Border Patrol agents encountered 12,000 people on Tuesday, December 5. The numbers for 2023 are also higher than 2022, which was higher than 2021. During the fiscal year leading to October 2023, 2.4 million people entered the US illegally.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently filed a related lawsuit against the Biden administration for thwarting his efforts to contain the problem. The Lone Star State installed concertina wire along the Rio Grande to deter migrants, but Border Patrol agents cut these down, prompting Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee to write to the Biden administration asking why the DHS removed “fencing installed as a deterrent by state and local governments, helping the aliens cross illegally.”

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