Joe Manchin LEAVING Democrats? – Special Report Drops

( – Senator Joe Manchin may be on the verge of leaving the Democrats. The Senator said he has been a member of No Labels, the group trying to establish a third option for voters in all 50 states, since 2010. “It’s the only game in town that wants to bring people together and get Democrats and Republicans working together,” he said. 

He did not directly answer recent questions on whether he would consider a run under the ticket of New Labels, but repeated his position and said he believes American voters are tired of the constant fighting on Capitol Hill, and all sides should come together to do what is best for the country. 

There is speculation as to whether he will stand again as a Democrat or make a bid for the White House. He said he will announce his final plans toward the end of the year. 

If the West Virginia Senator does depart from the Democrats, he will be one of thousands, according to some reports. In 2021, a YouGov poll revealed that moderates are abandoning the party as it leans further to the left. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of registered Democrats in the electorate dropped from 49% to 46%. The number of Democrats who changed their preference to Independent increased by 4% over the same period. 

Last year, the party was hit by high-profile resignations, including Senator Krysten Sinema in Arizona. Citing a desire to exit from the partisan system in Washington, Simena registered as an Independent in December. 

So far in 2023, two elected representatives have crossed from Democrat to Republican in Louisiana alone. Rep. Jeremy LaCombe joined the Republicans in April, following Rep. Francis Thompson, who left the Democrats for the GOP a month earlier. In North Carolina, Rep. Tricia Cotham said she was leaving the Democrats because of bullying and censorship. She said any deviation or disagreement with radical leftist proposals leads to exclusion and attack.

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