J6 Political Prisoner Tells ALL – This Will Make Your Stomach CHURN

J6 Political Prisoner Reveals Heartbreaking Jail Conditions

J6 Political Prisoner Reveals Heartbreaking Jail Conditions

(ConservativeSense.com) – Since the January 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol, the government has charged at least 948 people with various crimes. About 450 of those have pleaded guilty, according to Insider. Based on a comprehensive list compiled by the news outlet, approximately 45 of those individuals are facing conspiracy charges, including 49-year-old William Chrestman.

Chrestman calls himself a J6 detainee and former Proud Boy in a letter written Friday, November 18, to The Gateway Pundit (TGP) wherein he details jail conditions. Responding to his description of conditions, Alicia Powe, a TGP writer, characterizes the environment as heartbreaking and calls Chrestman a political prisoner.

In his letter, featured exclusively by TGP, Chrestman talks about how his two-year incarceration has affected his family, saying they have lost their home, car, and most possessions of value, and his children have lost the stability they once had. He claims his jailers have not allowed visitations, even video visits, in the two years they’ve incarcerated him.

In his letter, Chrestman claims the following:

  • Although he had no previous criminal history, the FBI arrested him in a pre-dawn raid as if agents were attacking “an Al Qaida terrorist.”
  • Wretched conditions in custody constitute inhumane treatment which he likened to a “third world hell” — Chrestman reported broken plumbing, rat and insect infestations, inedible food, non-potable water, urine-soaked laundry, unsanitary mattresses, and mold.
  • Solitary confinement, spending 22 to 23 hours daily alone in his cell, was routine for the first year.
  • Prisoners in the facility suffer a lack of proper medical care, a broken grievance system, and no effective access to due process to address problems, complaints, abuses, or mistreatments.

In addition, Chrestman specifically charged that guards physically mistreat J6 prisoners. His examples included beatings for singing the National Anthem or asking for toilet paper. He said his captors mace prisoners without discernable reason.

Federal prosecutors are holding Chrestman and some other alleged Proud Boy leaders in a section of the DC Jail without bond on charges of obstruction of an official proceeding, civil disorder, threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer, and conspiracy.

As House Republicans begin investigations into several aspects of the Biden administration and oversight of several executive functions, would investigations into the prosecution backlogs of January 6 defendants and their holding conditions be valid? Have these Americans received due process?

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