It’s Been CANCELLED – America’s Children Saved!

( – A “furry” convention in Florida will have to ban minors from attendance due to a new law passed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis that prohibits kids from being present at live performances intended for adults.

The event organizers for the “furry” convention, called Megaplex, issued an announcement last week to ticket purchasers that all attendees must be at least 18 years old to be allowed in the convention, citing the recent legislation. The announcement said that after reviewing the bill, SB 1438, the organizers made the decision “for legal reasons” as well as to protect attendees, the venue, and “the overall convention.”

The bill, recently signed by DeSantis, defines adult performances as any performances which depict or simulate nudity, explicit conduct or excitement, lewd acts, or fake genitals.

Florida is one of a few states passing laws that ban adult performances in front of children, which are not specifically aimed at “furries” but were inspired to push back against kids at drag shows. Those who oppose children attending drag events argue that drag is an inherently adult form of entertainment originating in gay nightclubs, and the performances tend to be lewd and explicit.

The most recent state to move forward on banning explicit performances in front of children is Texas, where a new bill is making its way to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk to be signed. Performers and venues who violate the law could face thousands of dollars in fines and up to a year of jail time.

“Furries” are a subculture formed on the internet where people network for their shared interest in characters portrayed as anthropomorphic animals, often taking on a separate identity as a character called a “fursona” and dressing up in costumes that represent this character. Much of the “furry” scene is also tied into erotic depictions of these characters as well as fetishes.

The convention will be held in Orlando at a Hyatt hotel between September 15 and 17.

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