It Was A “FRONT” For Crime – Investigators Take Them Down!

( – A fentanyl lab was busted in Houston, Texas, this week. The lab was apparently masquerading as a car rental business and 4 people have been arrested.

The Texas Department of Public Safety busted the lab and collected its contents while wearing hazmat suits. They recovered 17 lbs of fentanyl precursor shipped from China, 1 kilo of suspected counterfeit Xanax pills laced with fentanyl, a third of lb of suspected counterfeit oxy pills laced with fentanyl, 1 lb of meth-laced Adderall pills, 1 lb of ecstasy pills, 3 pill press machines, 10-15 pill press die molds, 3 pistols, and a rifle.

The fentanyl epidemic in the United States seems to be on the rise, with over 9,000 lbs of the drug being seized at the border over the last three months.

President Joe Biden recently commented on the severity of the situation in his State of the Union Address, to which many Republicans responded by blaming his administration’s open border policies. One GOP member yelled “it’s your fault!” at the president, who responded with a grin, while others brought up China’s role in the epidemic.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom released a statement at the end of last year regarding the fentanyl epidemic’s impact, which he says “has touched every part of California, and our nation, this year.” The FBI is also investigating cases related to the use of the messenger app Snapchat to sell the drug.

The DPS is still investigating the Houston lab, which they believe may have some sort of connection with a Mexican drug cartel. 4 suspects have been arrested on various charges, including possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and manufacture fentanyl.

This latest bust follows another of a Texas couple who were charged on Monday with running a fentanyl distribution ring which led to multiple teens overdosing, including a 14-year-old girl who overdosed twice and was temporarily paralyzed.

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