Invasion By SEA – Migrant Crisis SKYROCKETS!

( – Illegal immigration to the UK has hit record highs as hundreds arrive by boat daily. On July 7, 686 people arrived on the shores of southeast England, breaking the record of 549 set in June. More than 12,000 people entered the UK this year after taking boats from France and sailing across the English Channel. Over 45,000 arrived via the same route in 2022.

Part of the UK’s Border Force remit is to prevent illegal immigration. However, members of the agency travel into the English Channel and ferry the migrants to land. They are then taken by bus to hotels and housed there at taxpayers’ expense until permanent accommodation is found. 

Despite continuous promises from the ruling Conservative Party to bring the crossings to an end, numbers continue to rise. Furthermore, entering the UK via its beaches is a criminal offense, yet fewer than 0.3% of arrivals have been arrested, despite the government’s promise that law enforcement would act as a deterrent.

Illegal immigrants in the UK have also been responsible for some horrific crimes. Seven-year-old Emily Jones was brutally murdered in front of her parents by an illegal immigrant in 2021, sparking outrage and accusations that the government is failing to keep native British citizens safe from unvetted and unknown immigrants. Eltiona Skana, an illegal border crosser from Albania who was denied asylum but not deported, cut the child’s throat while her mother watched. She was later cleared of murder.

Similarly, a failed Libyan asylum seeker stabbed three people in a park in 2022; he remained in the UK despite a long record of violence and criminal behavior. Azam Mangori, who was also denied asylum but not removed, murdered 32-year-old Lorraine Cox before dismembering her body.

Protests against the chaotic immigration system take place across the UK regularly, but these are usually dismissed as manifestations of racism and bigotry by politicians and journalists in the mainstream media.

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