Industry Tries To CANCEL Amy Coney Barrett – Guess Who Has Her Back?

Penguin Random House Refuses To Cancel Amy Coney Barrett Book

Penguin Random House Refuses To Cancel Amy Coney Barrett Book

( – In mid-April 2021, the newest Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, signed a $2 million book deal with one of Penguin Random House’s (PRH) conservative imprints. Later that year, she received a $425,000 advance on the contract. But after her participation in the landmark Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, overturning Roe v. Wade, PRH began receiving calls to cancel its contract with Justice Barrett. On Monday, October 31, the publisher reaffirmed its commitment to her upcoming book.

Protesters sent an open letter to PRH containing more than 700 signatures, including many from the publishing world and more than 75 PRH employees, stating they believe the publisher has a “duty of care” to reject Barrett’s book contract in light of what they characterize as her participation in human rights infractions. Additionally, they charged that PRH was violating its own corporate code of conduct by moving forward with the relationship.

Adrian Zackheim, the publisher of the Sentinel Imprint of PRH scheduled to publish Barrett’s book, spoke on Monday. In addition to outright rejecting the calls to cancel the publication, he told the Wall Street Journal, “In an intelligent free society, we need to disseminate ideas in a robust form so that we can discuss them.” Books offer one way to do that.

Justice Barrett is still writing the manuscript, which is expected to feature her professional opinions about how judges must isolate their personal feelings from their rulings, according to industry sources interviewed by POLITICO. Zackheim anticipates an April 2024 release date for the piece.

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